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Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait in UAE If you are worried about the prevailing cockroaches, then you are at the right spot. Advion cockroach gel bait 30g targets all pest species of cockroaches. It combines a high-consumption bait matrix with a potent and non-repellent active ingredient. Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait (1 Tube + 1 Plunger + 1 Tip) controls even the toughest populations of cockroaches. The active ingredient is Indoxacarb. You can use it in single residential buildings as well as multi-family residential buildings, schools, and industrial areas. Targeted Cockroach Species This effective cockroach killer targets different species of cockroaches and is the best solution for cockroaches. Usually, depending on areas, there are different kinds of insects living and breeding. The presence of such insects is highly irritating. Advion cockroach gel in UAE targets brown, smoky brown, brown-banded, German, Asian, Australian and American species. Being highly effective, this Advion cockroach gel bait quickly controls the strong species of cockroaches and hence the insects cannot resist the strength. Indoor and Outdoor Use of Advion Syngenta Gel Bait Another big advantage of this Advion Syngenta Gel Bait is that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are irritated by the prevailing cockroach species that are in your bedroom or they are out in your backyard, just place this gel and soon you will notice a good change. This pest control gel of Advion for cockroach can also be used on residential, commercial and industrial areas. It comprises of high-performing bait matrix. Non-repellent Advion gel online Unlike repellent get, this Advion cockroach gel takes time and is actually slower acting insecticide. Cockroach bait gel’s slow action has its own advantage because the insect goes back to its nest and encourages the other insects to do the same. With the passage of time spent over here, the Cockroach killer gel slowly starts acting and hence you see the improved results. Where to Buy Cockroach Gel in UAE? For buying Advion cockroach gel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in any other city of UAE, we are the best and reliable option for you. We provide services all over the United Arab Emirates and we try our best to build a reliable relationship with our customers.

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